Friday, December 2, 2011

Mid-May update

The greenhouse is done! Thanik goodness! Tomatoes and peppers are planted in it and there is basil and bok choy underneath the bigger crops. They have shallow roots so I don't think they'll bother the tomatoes and peppers. There's also some early zuchinni in the back.

Arugula, basil, and lettuce are almost ready.

Baby purple bok choy growing underneath the tomatoes in the greenhouse.

Spring lettuce!

The deer fence is mostly done, we just need to tighten it to a top wire. So far it seems  good enough to keep the deer out.  We still need to build a gat for it, we'll see if that happens this year.

Taters are coming up, almost two inches, and I've rehilled them. Just transplanted first round of broccoli and cabbage and chard and kale. Kale didn't make it through the wind and hail storms. Beets and carrots coming up and just planted parsley and peas.

Part of the irrigation system - where water from the "ditch" comes out from below ground and into the system.
Arugula with the irrigation tube

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