Saturday, March 30, 2013

Durango Farmers Market

Last year the Wily Carrot made the switch from the Cortez Farmers Market to the Durango Farmers Market.  While we loved the customers and other vendors in Cortez, Durango offered a larger clientele and a chance to sell more veggies.  We were situated between the venerable Stone Free Farms and another first-timer, Dustin with Stubborn Farms.  Although the early mornings were sometimes a struggle, the markets were a lot of fun and gave us a chance to meet a lot of folks who love fresh, organic produce.  We'll see you all this May!
Hmmm, no potatoes yet so this looks like a market in early July.  
Nadia was a great farmhand and market buddy!
Moms are great marketers

Easter egg radishes are delicious and add much needed color to the market stand.
Early market in September with the folks visiting!
 Another busy market day in September
Beets!  The gold beets add flavor and color to beet recipes.

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